In our everyday life we constantly put our minds and bodies in stress. With the 21st century lifestyle we are constantly sitting, in front of the computer or looking down at our phones. Our bodies weren’t designed for this! These stressors take a toll on our spines which can lead to headaches, insomnia, aches and pain, discomfort, the list goes on. It is essential for adults to be aware and to take care of our spines and bodies so we can continue to use them. We get our teeth checked, our eyes tested even our cars get regular service, why not check the spine too?


Our chiropractors can help adults suffering from:

Back pain


Slipped Disc

Nerves Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Neck Pain

Knee Pain


Work Related Injuries / CTP Claims

Our chiropractors are trained in workers compensation injury and motor vehicle accidents such as CTP. Special training and workshops are attended by the chiropractic doctors in the clinic.  We are especially trained with return to work rehabilitation program as well as case management.


We can help with work injuries including:

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain


Carpal Tunnel

Neck Pain

Lifting injuries





Elite athletes are especially required to be in peak form, having their spine checked and a balanced skeletal system can prevent injuries to meet the demands the athlete needs. Chiropractic maintenance can improve an athlete’s recovery time, prevent injuries, increase energy and overall improvement in performance. The chiropractors at Strathfield Chiropractic have had the experience and knowledge to understand the demands required in an elite athlete.


Athletes can be helped with various conditions such as:

Repetitive training injuries

Sporting trauma

Joint pain

Ligament tear

Post surgery Rehab

Strength and conditioning

Overall joint and muscle performance

Muscular tension


Expectant Mums

Our clinic has a special interest in pregnant mothers and paediatric care. During pregnancy a mother’s body goes through various changes to adapt for the growth of her new baby. Even after the baby is born the mother’s body is readjusting and can take some time to return to a pain free state. Taking care of a newborn is stressful enough, so the less the new mum has to worry about the better it is for her and the baby, it is essential for mum’s to have their bodies checked so they can be relaxed and readjusted to her normal state


Pregnant mums can suffer from various conditions which our chiropractors can help with such as:

Upper back and neck pain

Low back pain / hip pain

History of difficult births

Indigestion and heart burn


Nerve Pain

Post pregnancy pain



The birthing process can be a traumatic experience for a newborn. Sometimes in delivery substantial forces are applied to the neck and upper body (e.g. forceps, suction, C-section) with potential for muscle strain or nerve damage. However the symptoms can be overlooked or not evident and misdiagnosis can occur, instead the babies is classified as ‘unsettled or fussy’. The chiropractors at Strathfield Chiropractic go through a thorough examination in which primitive reflexes, joint movement and head shape are assessed. Treatment with babies and newborns are gentle, safe and conservative. We also spend time explaining the parents so they know exactly what is going on.

A newborns brain, spine and neurology undergo extensive growth and development in the first 12 months. A child’s spine should be assessed so that they do not manifest later in life and early detection or assessment can make all the difference. A baby’s hip, eyes, hearing and heart are checked, why not have the spine checked as well?

Our chiropractors can help newborns and babies suffering from:

Birth trauma

Difficulty breast-feeding, especially on one side


Unable to settle

Preference to turning to one side

Head shape



Children are very active as soon as they start walking, its hard to keep up with them! As they get older children start to participate in activities such as bike riding, skating, skipping etc, these activities may cause them to fall or injure themselves. Falling is a normal part of a child’s development as they learn to balance and co-ordinate themselves however all these subtle traumas can add up, which can impair a child’s spine and nerve function. These subtle dysfunctions should be addressed early during this period of rapid growth and development. Regular chiropractic check ups can identify and correct any misalignments.

Another reason parents seek chiropractic care is for common childhood conditions such as recurrent ear infections, asthma, bed wetting etc however it is important to note a chiropractor does not specifically diagnose and treat these conditions or diseases. A chiropractor however can help with any spinal or nerve dysfunctions that may be causing these conditions discomfort or stress and to and improve overall body function.

Our children chiropractic care is gentle and modified specifically to accommodate for your child’s size and developmental stage. Each treatment is tailored and specific to your child and many of our parents report their children enjoy the treatment and look forward to their consultations.


Common childhood conditions our chiropractors can help with:


Check ups

Growing Pain

Back Pain


Inturned feet


Teenage years are marked with physical changes as well as emotional stresses. During this time school, hormonal changes, driving etc can all interfere with our nervous system. Fatigue is a common condition that can be simply be due to poor posture. These good spinal habits can be instilled from a young age that can prevent issues later in life.


Chiropractic can help teenagers with:



Growing pains


Neck or back pain

Upper back tension


As we age our bones degenerate and we start to feel stiffer and less mobile. Adding working your whole life, its no wonder our body’s may feel run down and uncomfortable. Chiropractic care adds to quality of life by improving balance / co-ordination that can also prevent falls, mobility for greater self sufficiency, generally greater sense of flexibility and movement. Patients with osteoporosis can feel at ease with the chiropractors at the clinic, modified techniques are used, this includes low force adjusting or mobilisations aimed specifically to assist osteoporotic patients.


Some conditions that we can help with in elderly patients:

Joint stiffness

Decreased mobility

Nerve pain such as sciatica

Knee Pain

Degenerative Pain Conditions

Low back pain

Neck Stiffness

Foot Pain

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