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Treatment at Strathfield Chiropractic //

The body is an intricate and sophisticated system. The spine houses the nerves that arise from the brain, these nerves branch and communicate with your whole body. So when things go wrong it requires a unique expert to diagnose the condition.


At Strathfield Chiropractic, our doctors seek to identify areas where there is biomechanical or tissue dysfunction that affects these nerves and to correct them. Our appraoch to treatment utilises varied techniques that best suit the patient and their condition. Our multi modal treatments include nerve tissue correction as well as specially developed muscle techniques and specific adjustments to joints. Exercise, stretching and nutritional advice may be prescribed to maintain the results.




Your First Visit


During your initial consultation you will be asked to fill in some paperwork, in this form we will get an understanding of your medical history and condition. Some conditions can be disguised as back or joint pain therefore it is important we get as much information as we can. Following this form, we will discuss your medical history thoroughly and in detail. It is our priority to gain an in depth understanding of your concerns and goals so we can better help you.  A comprehensive physical examination is performed to help with the diagnosis. In some cases, further imaging such as X-rays may be required. Please be assured if we do not believe chiropractic treatment will benefit you, we will refer you appropriately so we can help you find a solution.


If you have these, please bring to initial consultation:

  • Old or current X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and reports

  • Blood test reports

  • List of medication that you are taking

  • If the patient is a child please bring their blue book




How long will it take?


We aim to get results as quickly as possible. However every body is unique and different so there are many factors that will affect the length and time of treatment. Although this is not always the case, the more intense the pain the more healing time is required. For reoccurring episodes of injury, it will take time to fully heal, as the structural tissue around the joint is no longer as strong and flexible as it originally was. Research has shown if a joint has been injured it takes only a week for scar tissue to develop. Therefore early intervention is crucial for quick recovery time. For chronic spinal problems, research has shown it is due largely to poor balance and coordination of spinal muscles. Therefore for long-term benefits and to decrease risk of re-injuring, spinal stability needs to be achieved this takes time and dedication to develop.




Is it safe?


Your safety is our number one priority. For each patient we individually tailor the treatment for your case. Our knowledge is based on the latest research. Spinal manipulation has proven to be safe when used appropriately, therefore at Strathfield Chiropractic we are dedicated to accuracy of the diagnosis therefore prescribing the right treatment for you.

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