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Located next to Dan Murphy's

Welcome to Strathfield Chiropractic 

Strathfield Chiropractic was founded by Dr Krystle Tran and is driven by a philosophy of serving the community.

We are dedicated to diagnosing and treating functional conditions of the spine and nervous system, particularly conditions related to nerve pain such as sciatica, back pain, headaches, neck pain, carpal tunnel and much more. As well as this we look at musculoskeletal issues such as knee pain, shoulder issues and sporting injuries.


At Strathfield Chiropractic we believe that your chiropractic care should have defining values:

 - It should be based on valid current/updated research

 - It should work quickly

 - It should be cost-effective

 - It should be explained clearly so you understand your condition


At Strathfield Chiropractic we believe in providing personalised and professional care at the highest quality and integrity. Our team understands the importance of a healthy spine and musculoskeletal system and take pride in working together to achieve and maintain your goals.

Strathfield Chiropractor

- Back Pain

- Neck Pain

- Leg & Arm Pain

- Headaches

- Sporting Injuries

- Nerve Pain & Sciatica

- Ankle & Foot Injuries

- Frozen Shoulder

- Whiplash Injury

- Rehabilitation

- Arthritis

- Numbness & Tingling


Conditions we treat //

Clinic Hours //

Monday - Friday       8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Saturday                   8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sunday                     Closed

Public Holidays         Closed


Chiro Strathfield
back pain strathfield
Strathfield back pain
Strathfield Back Pain
Strathfield Burwood Chiropractor

Address //

1 Coronation Parade

Strathfield South NSW 2136

(Located next to Dan Murphy's)


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